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What Kind of hair is used to make your wigs?

All our wigs are made with one donor Raw hair.

What is Raw Hair

Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair that has not been chemically altered in any way. It t=is the purest, most natural form of hair available on the market. It is collected directly from its donor, wefted, washed and conditioned and sanitized and then sold to consumers.

How long can I expect my hair used to make last

With good maintenance, this hair can last a life time as we put no expiration date on great quality hair. Hair should be treated as your own therefore excessive manipulation such as chemical processing, heat will result in the natural chemistry of the hair changing and may damage the hair.

How long can I expect the wig itself to last

Wigs are expected last anywhere from 1-2 years with proper care and regular maintenance.

Does my wig unit requires any form of maintenance

Yes, you will need to treat the hair like its your own. Therefore, washing with good quality shampoo and conditioner is a must. We recommend you deep condition your wigs at least once every two weeks and avoid using heavy oils in the hair. Biosilk hair serum is a good lightweight option. Also the laced used to make the wigs will also need to be maintained or replaced every six month depending on how well you care for it as lace are unfortunately not made to last forever.

Will the hair shed

Contrary to popular beliefs all hair experience some amount of shedding, even great quality hair. There should be no excessive shedding experienced with our hair, however, you should expect to experience a few strands here and there. How you care for the hair will also determine the amount of shedding you experience. Ensure hair is clean, moisturized and is stored properly when not in use to avoid matting and tangling in any way.

Can the hair be bleached or colored

Due the rawness of our hair, it can be bleached to the lightest color blonde and can also be colored. We however recommend against too much chemical processing as it may alter or change the hair properties. If you must, we recommend you take it to a professional or someone who knows what they are doing as we will not be held liable for damage hair caused by you.

What kind of lace is used to make wigs

All our wigs are made with very thin HD lace. This lace was chosen as it gives the most natural and seamless melt and a natural looking wig is one of our core values as a core values as a company. Due to the lace being so thin you will need to take extra precaution when handing it. If the lace is treated with care it will however last as long as laces are expected to last (3-6 months)

What is the difference between a closure and a frontal

A closure is typically lace only covering a section of the hairline depending on the size. This therefore doesn’t leave you with a lot of parting options as you are only allowed to wear a part where the lace covers. Here at Hair Envy all our custom made closure wigs are made with 6*6 closures which is 6 inches of lace going across the hairline and 6 inches of parting space going back. We opted for this closure option as it affords a bit more versatility for our closure lovers. Lace closures are low maintenance and most times requires very little assistance to install and maintain.

Lace frontals on the other hand are typically lace covering the entire hairline going from ear to ear. Here at Hair Envy all our frontal wigs are made with 13*6 frontals which is 13 inches of lace going across the hairline and 13 inches of parting space going back. Lace frontal affords you a great deal of option and versatility as you are able to part anywhere along the hairline as the entire area is covered. They are however a bit more high maintenance and requires a bit more skill to install and maintain, the average person will need a stylist to install these wigs.

Are the wigs ready to wear

All our wigs comes ready to wear. This means from the moment you take it out the package its ready to go. All our units come customized (plucked, bleached knots) and styled. The only thing you will need to do is cut the excess lace off the front as we do not ship wigs that are pre-cut. This is to reassure you that your wig is brand new and have not been worn or tampered with.

I am new to wigs/I am a first time wig wearer, what kind of wig do you recommend I get

As a first time wig wearer or if you are not so experienced with wigs we would highly recommend you get a closure wig. There are very low maintenance and required very little skill and manipulation to be installed and look seamless. After you gain some amount of wig experience then you can move up to trying a frontal wig.

Can my wigs be worn gluel-ess/without glue

All our wigs are made to be worn with or without glue. For a glue-less option we have created our wigs with an adjustable elastic band and combs in the back for a secure and snug fit.

Will my wig fit

The average human head circumference is about 22 inches give and take one inch. Our wigs are made on the adjustable wig which adjust from 21 to 23 inches, therefore you will be able to adjust caps to fit your head providing its in that range.

Will the style I want be offered in frontal or closure

We want all our Hair Envy babes to get the full experience they desire, therefore all our wig designs are made in a 6*6 closure and a 13*6 frontal option. We don’t want you compromising on style or lace size when you are ready to place your order, so you are able to choose the design you want with the lace option you require.

What is the best way to store my units when they are not being worn

When you are not wearing your luxury unit we highly recommend you cleanse, moisturize and place your units back in the luxury package it was received in. The silk fabric will protect your hair until you are ready to wear her again. Please note that throwing your units around may affect the longevity of your unit, please protect your investment.

What is the best way to wear my hair under my units

For the best result a flat braided foundation going straight back is best. The smaller the braids the better the install will lay.

Are the bundles being sold and the hair used to make wigs the same

All Raw hair on the website, whether wigs, bundles or laces are the very same hair. They come from the same vendor. Our hair quality is standard straight across the board.

How often are wigs, bundles and laces restocked

Our standard wig collection restocks every 1st of the month. All other collections are seasonal and will drop at random times throughout the year. There will be an announcement made for each drop so you don’t have to worry about missing out. Please subscribe to our email list for all updates.

As for bundles and laces, we don’t have a set date, we restock as stock becomes available .

How long after placing my order will it shipped and how long is shipping

We here at hair envy does not believe in waiting forever to receive your order, therefore everything on the website is ready made and ready to go. You will never have to wait for your units to be made or hair to come in from our vendors after you have place your order. With that being said, processing times on all orders is just 1-2 days, just enough time to get them packaged and labeled and out the door, providing the confirmation from is completed properly and send back to us in a timely manner.

Shipping time however varies depending on your location. Shipping is made via DHL Express and typically takes about 2-3 days to be delivered to most countries and should not exceed 5 days.

Do you ship to my country/location

The simple answer is YES. We want everyone to be apart of the HairEnvyTribe and experience the luxury experience with a Hair Envy unit, as such we ship WORLDWIDE.

Can I change, modify or cancel my order after it has been placed

Due to our fast processing time, order modification in most cases might be impossible as the time we receive your message your order might have already been out the door. Therefore we urge you to check and double check your order and shipping information before you place the order.

If in an instance where you are able to get to us in time before we send out your order then we will be able to facilitate a change

I received the wrong order what do I do

If the error was made on our end you have 2 days after your order is marked delivered to reach out to us by email at to notify us of said error. We will exchange the order and send out the correct one as soon as that one is received. Please note that the returned order should be in its original state, not worn, altered or tampered with in any way. If we have reasons to believe that the order returned is not in its original state or you did not reach out in the specified timeframe an exchanged will not be facilitated.

If the error was on your end, we apologize but there is absolutely nothing we will be able to do about it.

I received my order but I change my mind, I no longer want or like this wig, can I return it

Due to the nature of the products being sold and the sanitization concerns there will absolutely be no return and refund on any order. Please ensure you are sure before placing your order. If you have concerns or need more information to make an informed purchase you can always reach out to us via email at for further assistance.

My package was lost or stolen how do I get a refund

Hair Envy is mot responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items that has left our facility. The customer is responsible for filing a claim with the courier service to inquire about a refund or any form of compensation. The customer must contact the courier directly and follow their procedures for any potential refund or compensation.

If you selected Route Protection at checkout your package is also insured from loss, damage or theft. You must file a claim through Route either via their app or their website. Once approved they will refund you your subtotal to place a new order.

What is Route Package Protection and do I have to use it.

Route is a shipping insurance company that covers packages that are lost, stolen or damaged in transit. Route ensures that customers get what they paid for and allows for easy reordering with one simple click. Please visit their website to get full policies on coverage.

What is Sezzle

Sezzle is a payment gateway that provides an alternative payment platform offering 4 interest-free installment plans over a 6 weeks time frame. Basically you get your order and pay the balance over time without any interest providing you make payments on time. You will need to register on their website to use this payment option.

What is the payment confirmation form and where can I find it

Payment confirmation form is a form sent by us here at Hair Evny to all our customers to be completed for orders $100US or more. This form is to protect both you the customer and Hair Envy from fraud. The form is to confirm that you indeed made or authorize the payment.

The form is to be completed in its entirety by everyone who receives. If the form is not completed within 24hrs of making the purchase your order will not be processed and will later be canceled.

A link will be sent to you via email after you have successfully placed an order. We ask that you click the link in the email and complete the form.