How To Make a Crochet Braid Wig

If you’re feeling like the crochet braid look, but you don’t have hair that’s long enough to cornrow then the crochet braid wig might be the way to go. Crochet braids are very popular this season and natural ladies are finding more ways to keep the trend going. Crochet braids are creative and versatile, but the style doesn’t last very long. This is partly because of the kind of hair that is used to create the style. Now, ladies have figured out a way to keep the style longer without having to sacrifice the look. Let’s look at how you can create a crochet braid wig!

What You’ll Need:
1. A wig head
2. A weave cap
3. Perm rods (if you desire)
4. Crochet hook (also known as a latch hook)
5. Hair of your choice for your wig
6. Boiling water
7. A comb
8. A pair of scissors

Twisting the hair as it’s being wrapped is what gives the hair a defined curl. After rodding the hair, places the rods in a bowl and adds boiling water. After sitting for 15 seconds and cooling off for 5 minutes, the rods are ready to crochet. Then take the crochet needle and puts it through one of the wig cap holes, while pulling one of the rodded curls through four holes. The looping part is the same as if you are doing regular crochet braids. Finally, a knot is tied at the base of each curl to secure.

We use a different process for the longer wig. Instead of curling the hair first, we crocheted the hair on the wig cap first then rolled the hair. Instead of rolling the hair all the way up, we can stop about three quarters of the way. even has some leave out in the front, making the wig look very natural.